My Picks at Savers TOPSHOP


TOPSHOP‘s mid season sale starts today till May 5th! TOPSHOP team wanted to know what my top picks were from their collection of sales item

From the many items they sent me I picked the ones above…


1. There is something about this leggings! I know I know its pattern and a crazy one to be honest (totally not my style if you know me well), but its calling me out for some reason! Would look great with a flowy nude top!!!


2. This cobalt blue color is a killer! Most of my decision on why I picked this item is because of the color! To accessories it, the sky is the limit! I mean it goes well with classic pearls, or crazy colored statement necklace… or layers of golden necklaces!!! You know what I mean?


3. I was between this one and the plain white one (exactly the same style)… I decided to go with stripes! I love it! Would look really well with leggings/jeggings!


4. Now I wasn’t sure about this dress but it mixes three trends all in one! Its a plain color (I lean more towards plain than patterned clothing) but in the same time it is patterned within, and with flowers, which is very IN this season… and its lace – which I adore! The color, dusty pink, is an added plus 😉


5. I actually saw this skirt when it was on display… I was hesitant, should I buy it or not! Now its on sale, I am eyeing it! I want it… COVET IT!


6. I love those kinda tops… the kind you can dress up and down! With this one, you can wear a skinny jeans and ballerinas! Throw a cardigan maybe…


What do you guys think?


Thanks Farah R. 😉

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