Magnolia Bakery with Shushu

It has became a tradition that every time I am at @TheDubaiMall I must drop by Magnolia Bakery and have a red velvet cupcake or mini cheesecake at least once during each visit! I came to like the tradition more than the taste itself, plus I enjoy the icing on top more πŸ˜›

This time I went ahead and got a cupcake… joined with the lovely Shushu!

Two red velvet cupcakes! Moist cakes in texture, with sweet cream cheese frosting… there is another kind, vanilla or something… but to me, a red velvet must be accompanied by cream cheese frosting! They go hand in hand together like a husband and wife πŸ˜›

We sat by the fountain, grabbed our cupcakes and got out our camera to tweet, instagram, and all – you know the usual πŸ˜›

I usually start of with my index finger going deep into the frosting, spooning it out, and into my mouth directly! I tend to forget that I am in public, but that’s how I enjoy my Magnolia red velvet cupcake!


Price tag? If I am not mistaken, they are selling at AED15 per piece?


Magnolia Bakery is located in the lower ground level (basement) of Dubai Mall in Bloomingdale’s πŸ˜‰

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