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Just Ask, a service provided by Sultan Center, is just AWESOME! I have been using it for years now, and mostly satisfied with it… so what is “Just Ask” service??

If you are shopping for a certain product (groceries included), or you were shopping online but the site you are shopping at does not ship to Kuwait, or if you do not have a credit card/your credit card is not accepted… etc – whatever the reason is, that is preventing you from finding or buying the things you want, you can go to “Just Ask” desk (Salmiya, Sharq, AlKout), call (25750135/22407088/23930510), email ([email protected]), or fill their webform on their website (link) and ask for it… They will order, ship, and deliver it to you 😉 I have almost always dealt with them via email and they are pretty efficient about it

For more on Just Ask (cost calculator, form, FAQs) check out their website (link), follow them on Twitter @Sultan_Center, or (LIKE) them on Facebook


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