Last week I passed by IZAKAYA for the first time ever! The restaurant is located in AlBeda’a Restaurants Strip, right on top of COSTA! We were greeted warmly by the staff. We picked a table and started browsing through their menu while they were setting up our table

My friend and I both ordered Arnold Palmer for our drinks + bottle of water. The Arnold Palmer at IZAKAYA is made with lime and not lemonade.. which gave it a soury taste – not bad at all – just different.

I asked the waiter to tell us more about the dishes and the concept, she said IZAKAYA is a fusion sushi (Japanese + French + Local) – whatta an interesting mix 😉 She told us about the popular dishes, and they were all great explaining the items on the menu… here is what we ordered;

Salmon Sashimi and O’Toro Nigiris! Both were good, specially the salmon! It was super fresh and buttery in texture.. The Toro, however, I prefer the one at Genki (link). In my humble opinion, it is still the best O’Toro in Kuwait. Nevertheless, we really enjoyed our first appetizer

Then came in our seared tuna… this dish comes in with chili kinda Asian relish, and garlic jam! I really really REALLY liked the garlic jam so much that I ordered extra on the side to have as an addition to other dishes!

As for sushi rolls, we ordered around four of them.. one with crispy shrimps, another with chili (spicy), IZAKAYA roll, and one with Unagi that was rectangular in shape!

Too bad I do not remember the exact names of the rolls, but I really liked the Unagi one (below) and the one topped with chili (above). IZAKAYA roll for some reason was my least favorite… it was big and too much was going on. The Unagi one was just amazing, it contained avocados <3 but it was a bit hard to grab and eat with chopsticks

The chef sent us a complimentary dish – veggie spring rolls! I loved the side sauce that came with it, it contained honey 😉

The black cod was such a treat! Its been a while since I have tasted and approved a black cod in Kuwait! It was done perfectly! I highly recommend this dish if you’re ever at IZAKAYA! The fish is cooked right with the right amount of spices, the texture was buttery and slides into your mouth… nothing was bad about it at all 😉 I even added some garlic jam to it, and it was amazing

As for desserts, we were full, but when the waitress said the magical word, ICE CREAM, I suddenly made room for it! Its homemade and from the flavors she told us about, I picked Balsamic Ice Cream… the chef was kind enough to send extra scoops; one Butterscotch and one Cranberry!

I loved the Balsamic the most, followed by the butterscotch, and then cranberry, which I did not like much! The butterscotch flavor reminded me so much of Werther’s Original candies… the balsamic was spoon-licking-good 😉 Such an interesting and unique flavor for ice cream


Our order came to a total of KD41-42 (cannot remember the exact amount cuz I did not pay 😛 Thanks A+)


IZAKAYA, flavorsome experiences, mixing the contemporary tastes in a Japanese pub-like atmosphere, is located in AlBeda’a Restaurants Strip and their tel # is 22253133


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