I Got My #PUMAT7 Jacket!!!

Last week I finally got my PUMA T7 Jacket! Like a child with a new toy, I quickly ripped of the courier’s package

To reveal a beautiful PUMA – Built for One – Box <3 I love it! I just cannot wait for the creativity factory visit and for me to meet all other ambassadors 😉 I know Nasser from LOFT965 is one of them 😉 Amazing guy!

Here is my jacket <3 My T7! Black and peachy pink stripes!

Gotta love their labels!! I love love this PUMA eco-table 😉

Very environmental friendly – only wash this when dirty! Cute!

 And now its time to sport the look… I was at work, and one of the landmarks that I like in Kuwait is AlHamra Tower (showing in the background)

Special thanks goes to @pat_makhoul for taking those pictures of me with part of Kuwait City showing in the background (more on Patrick)

Dubai… I cannot wait for the event end of this month 😉


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