Got Pretty Powerful with Bobby Brown Makeup

Few days ago I posted about Bobbi Brown – Pretty Powerful campaign (link). I actually did book an appointment yesterday – I do buy from Bobbi Brown every now and then, but just wanted to know more about it from their visiting makeup artists. I initially talked to a nice sales lady named Huda at The Avenues store and she was so nice explaining the idea, concept, and procedure…

I arrived exactly on time and I was taken to their makeup room… The team introduced me to Tina, a regional makeup artist who is stationed in Dubai. It was all done nice and perfectly smooth! I sat on the chair and she started asking me questions such as; what do I want to know about Bobbi Brown, the look I am seeking, the kind of colors I like… etc! She then started talking to me about Bobbi Brown – she seems very fond of her and speaks so highly of her and her brand! She said Bobbi Brown would never focus on the flaws, but rather accentuate and focus on the beauty… She also said that Bobbi Brown would give lots of options to choose from… say for example (the sheet above)  you pick a foundation shade you like, there would be more than one option to match it with concealers, blushes, eye shadows… and that’s what happened! We experimented with products 😉 And started our 10-Steps Beauty (link)

First she introduced me to Najla, a makeup artist at the Kuwait store – Najla prepped my face. She got it cleansed, moisturized, and hydrated… ready for makeup! I wanted to have a glowy natural makeup look… I love naked makeup with a hint of glow, then focus on the eye a bit with nude color lipsticks! We first started with different shades of concealers.. the mixed a bit of eye hydrating cream to make it look more moist. Step two? Look for the right shade of foundation stick… ended up with the one that gave me the shade and glow I like.. Step 3 was to use powder/bronzer… I ended up with a hint of bronze, sun-kissed cheeks! LOVED it! Of course it was completed with my blush (Step 4)… simply natural and simply amazing! What I loved about the session that it was like a makeup session where I was given the chance to ask questions and check out my makeup after each test or step… give my opinion too!

As for the lips/Step 5… Tina told me the right natural shade for me does not necessarily means beige or nude (which are the colors I go for the most), but rather the shade that compliments my overall look and skin shade from the previous steps! I got a shade that is close to what I like actually called Brownie 😉 Najla took it from there and started my eye makeup! Since I wanted simple makeup focusing more on the eyes, I asked her for the 1960s’ kind of eyeliner on the upper lid.. Step 7 and 8 were applying brows color and eye shadow… my shades were nudes and browns! I then went for brownish color eye liner to match my hazel light brown eyes (Step 9)! Last step was to apply mascara (Step 10)! I loved the look – just like I wanted 😉 And with tips too

Since I already have some of the products I tried on today, I only bought the things I might need! I bought the foundation stick, the concealer, the blush, and lipstick… and as a complimentary gift I was given a green reusable bag that reads the slogan of the campaign: “Be Pretty, Be Confident, Be Who you Are” and Bobbi To Go kit 😉 I was also given my cheat sheet for next time – in case I wanted to buy more product! One copy is given to you, and the other is kept in the store for their record, where they will prepare a file for you… oh and best thing is? They call you in few days to check how you’re liking it and if you have further questions! Thats what I call added value services that are really of high value 😉

Thank you Tina and Najla for an amazing hour full of tips and beautiful result at the end 😉

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