CBA – Women’s Week

The College of Business Administration is holding a Women’s Week that I have been meaning to talk about but got so busy! Today is their last day 🙁 I will try my best to pass by and if I do, I will tweet real time pictures from there 😉

Here is a summary of their activities:

Day 1: They brought in “Gathering”, “Dragon Sushi”, and “Twistee Potatoes”. They also had Abeer AlYaseen as a guest (makeup artist)

Day 2: Off

Day 3: Lashes Salon, Henna Tattoo artist, and BBQ at Home. They also distributed dresses-shape cookies and homemade cookies by CBA students

Day 4: Makeup tutorial, Elevation Burger (YUMM), Harmony by Abeer AlYaseen, Lashes, Henna, and distribution of nail polishes.

Day 5 (TOMORROW): Mini gifts with girls essentials to be distributed, Solo Pizza (with cooking lesson), and more 😉


Thank you Dana R. & Dana N. 😉


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