A while back I was invited to try out Beit7 menu and give them my feedback on their food items. They are working continuously on their menu – and now they are open from 8:00AM to serve breakfast and brunch till’ noon, but the restaurant opens till midnight serving all kinds of appetizers, main courses, drinks, desserts, and for the shisha lovers/smokers (waterpipe smoking) – an outdoor area too! My friend, Shayma, and I arrived at around 8:00PM

As many of you know Beit7 has a BIG seating area outside set mainly for shisha lovers – it was almost full that night! The restaurant itself is set inside one of the old houses, so you get to enjoy your meal inside an actual renovated old house… the feel and basic decorations shows a traditional old Kuwaiti house, the table settings are amazing and so cozy, with dimmed lights all over and very friendly staff members! Mr. Bassim Atallah was there to welcome us in with a big smile. He gave us options to where we wanted to sit, we picked the area next to the entrance – a small room enough for four persons I guess… lounge-y in style with low chairs and table – nice for afternoon coffee or easy breakfast… but we were in the mood to sit back and relax!

Our seating area was directly overlooking the outdoor area – it was just perfect for our quiet night out mood

Shayma was familiar with their menu, she even had dishes made to her taste – the chef knew her in person and she kinda knew her way around into making them fix us her favorite salad made of chicken liver and rocket leaves 😉 I did not bother looking at the menu since Mr. Atallah suggested that we pick our main courses and drinks… and leave the rest of it to him! We were up for it – both of us are adventurous and foodies after all, so why not 😉

We started of with fresh bread basket – it came in with butter, chopped olives, and pesto sauce… all of which were amazing! I actually used butter as a main spread before trying the other two on top of it 😛

Now we were served five different salads! They were Fattouch, Caesar (with chicken), Mushroom Salad, Beit7 Salad, and the Chicken Liver made to order by Shayma 😉

The salads were good actually, but special mentions would go to the chicken Caesar salad the most out of the salads they brought to us… the chicken was grilled and spiced to perfection and lettuce was crispy! Dressing of the Fattouch salad was so yummy. The Chicken Liver was the winning Salad though, it lived to my expectations – otherwise I would have killed Shayma (kidding) from how much she wanted them to fix it for her! The pomegranate molasses was tangy, the chicken livers go well with that taste, specially when added with rocket (bitterness of rocket was good). My least favorite was the mushroom one. It was okay I guess, but the yumminess of other salad stole the lights

Appetizers started jumping on the table one after the other; shrimp cocktail with slices of hard boiled egg… take a slice and top it with a shrimp and eat it right away with a drizzle of the side salad. It was good!

Vegetable Egg Rolls… not my Favorited dish – cuz I am not into cooked veggies anyways! Shayma said it was good

And Kibbeh with Tahini sauce (tarator) which I basically loved! I ate most of the sauce and not the kibbeh! I first used it as a dip for the kibbeh, and it was amazing. Then I dipped the bread in it… even the shrimps! This sauce goes well with everything I guess 😉 Half way through our appetizers, the owner; Mr. Yousef AlShallal joined in and wanted to know how everything was going, how the food tasted, and what we thought of the menu and all…

And now for the main courses… Shayma ordered a grilled salmon and it was one BIG generous piece of fish! She had to, just HAD to let me have a bite (or two) and let me tell you it was fabulous!

I ordered steak, cooked medium with a side of mashed potatoes, and mushroom sauce on the side (not on top of the steak) – the meat was juicy and tender all the way. Mashed potatoes were somewhat crispy on the outside – its what I would describe as soft hash browns meet mashed potatoes kinda stage

Both dishes were good – but Shayma’s fish was the winner to be honest! She really knew the menu well and knew her way around it ordering the best stuff for us 😉 We were also served penne pasta with pesto sauce – al dente. Very healthy in taste, it was light, not the kind of pesto pasta that I am used it 😉

I had ordered iced tea with my meal – very refreshing and they added peach syrup to it

After we were done, and without a warning… Mr. Bassim Atallah placed this clear soda drink in front of me

Pictures are not doing it justice – wish I had taken a video of it! The glass was full with a cleat soda and a berry syrup on the side…. it contained berries that were literally dancing inside of the glass! Jumping up and down! It was pretty cool to watch more than drinking it – I ate all the berries of course 😉

I was full and there was no room for dessert – but my camera was in hand so I snapped a couple of pictures of their strawberry cheesecake and crepe! Shayma took a bite of the strawberry and went “hmm” before taking another – she was also full but could not resist taking a bite I guess 😉

All in all, it was very much needed outing! I had to try the menu before it got changed or modified, it’s been ages since I last saw my friend Shayma, the restaurant and lounge area we picked was perfect to catch up… I got to see Mr. Bassim again – such a sweet guy, and I got the honor to meet Mr. AlShallal, the owner who was so friendly and down to earth. Good food and great company!


To know more about Beit 7 check out their Facebook Page (LIKE) and follow them on Twitter @Beit7. Their website is currently under construction (link). If you wish to go they are located in Qibla (Kuwait City) in Old Behbehani Houses – House #7, behind the Catholic Church. They are open from 8:00AM till midnight and their Tel# is 22450871.


I cannot wait to try out their breakfast 😀

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