Baskin Robbins FOM: Struck by Cupid

The Flavor of the Month for Baskin Robbins this time is Struck by Cupid – which is actually February flavor, but we kinda get’em late in Kuwait! In fact, March FOM should have been Caramel Crush, and April’s 3-Point Chocolate

Anyways… I passed by the coop last week and saw that they were still offering Struck by Cupid as a flavor of the month. I bought myself a small scoop, since I am not a BIG fan of chocolate nor strawberry ice cream!

It is made of strawberry and chopped chocolate ice cream struck with white chocolate arrows and red hearts. The taste was not bad actually, but still not as good as the French Toast one 😉

The chocolate arrows and hearts added a bit of fun! It was not very chocolate-y per se, not so rich either… yet it did not give me the “OH.. WOW” effect 😉


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