Ansam Pizza Now @NapketKW

As mentioned in my post a couple of days ago, Ansam Pizza is now available in Napket 😉


ما هو جديد نابكيت؟ أنسام بيزا – خلطة مميزة من المشروم و جبنة الريكوتا و بيضة في النصف – هذه البيزا غير موجودة في قائمة الطعام لدى نابكيت ولكنها ستكون متوفرة من اليوم

A pizza that will surprise you with every bite… just to give your taste buds a feeling of what I like! Selection of mushrooms, ricotta cheese, spices, and an egg in the middle with a yolk that oozes yumminess as a sauce/dressing! Give it a try and tell me what you think

The pizza is not on the menu… its an off-the-menu item 😉 Just for those who dare to try it – awaiting your feedback

Napket branches are located in:

  • The Avenues, Phase II – First Floor
  • Sanabil – AlBabtain Tower – Ground Level – Delivery for Kuwait City: 22923755


Follow them on twitter @napketkw for more updates

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