518 Day!

I had an eventful day full of surprises! A lot of my friends were so nice about my blog anniversary and made it feel special! I was overwhelmed with happiness and joy! Thank you all for the warm wishes!

First personalized greeting I got was from @PapaJohnsQ8 <3 They actually took the time to design a special card for me! How thoughtful and sweet is this!!!!

Then I was surprised with a personalized drawing by Shahou88! I LOVED IT! Such a sweet gesture

Yazan…. my friend Shushu’s boy! Gotta love him for this colorful art work! Super sweet

Amoonii! I loved it! Simple and sweeeeet!!!

Then @ChocoandMacaron sent me this picture! How fitting 😉 Loved the efforts

Then my day started… First I met my random outing buddy, Dana Nafisi <3 at Prime & Toast! When I parked my car, I realized that the meter was reading 518 – AGAIN… How fitting!!!

I had egg Benedict on a bagel, Dana went for French toast! It was her treat for me on my blog’s anniversary 😉 I can never have enough of those outings with Dana! Love this super talented young lady! Our breakfast was YUMMY as usual! P&T is one of the restaurants we keep going back to 😉

Then I went for a quick meeting to see my friend Rakan for some Arabic Coffee at Finjan (@finjan_cafe) in Kuwait City.. We talked about so many things but of course talked a lot about Idea Paint (link)

The weather was still tolerable for us to sit outside

The cafe itself is tiny! They have quick bites from croissants, mini cakes, muffins… the staff members were so sweet 😉 We quickly browsed through their menu, and I honestly left it for Rakan to pick.. since he is more familiar with the menu

And guess what we went for??? Arabic Coffee..  a full Arabian metal coffee pot “Dalla”

Our dalla came on top of candle lit brazier, with two coffee cups “finjan” and four stuffed dates – The dates were delicious, stuffed with tahini and sesame – my only remark is that dates usually are served/consumed in odd numbers per person (meaning each person is supposed to eat 1, 3, 5, 7… an odd number of dates)

It was such a nice thing to do for a change.. I mean go out to have Arabian coffee out

Then I got a call from @ChocolatenessKW call center telling me they have a special treat for me for my blog’s anniversary! The lady on the phone from their call center was super sweet and friendly! She was told to contact me to congratulate me on my blog anniversary! She said at first she did not really understand so she went online and checked my blog! She loved it 😀 I was happy to hear her feedback! That is extended customer service really

A dozen of molten cookies – SO DELICIOUS!

Chewy cookies in texture, warm and fresh out of the oven, with melted rich chocolate – total delights

Thank you guys! You really made my day extra-super-special 😉

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