3D Street Painting in Kuwait Malls @VIVATelecom

Thank God for social media tools we are up-to-date with what’s on in KTown! It looks like VIVA Telecom is celebrating their 1,000,000 customer. I first came to know about it from Tweets and Instagram pictures posted of a 3D art work done at The Avenues

First picture here is from my friend Abdullah… the making of the piece, and the following picture is by my cousin InteriaKW which will give you an idea of the finished piece (almost) all at The Avenues Mall. Kuwait’s high skies with clouds, tips from some buildings, landmarks (Kuwait Towers, Liberation Tower), and balloons

Then my friend Maha AlAsaker shared a picture taken by her cousin Muneera from 360 Mall. Reflection of Kuwaiti famous buildings, and landmarks again… on water with VIVA stripped ribbon going in and out of the water

Then I passed by the one at Marina Mall dome… and I met the team!

They were still working on it… final touches only! The piece was almost done

There is a magnifying glass that you can look through to check the details of it and a camera on location with another one on the first floor documenting the work I guess! Knowing me, I went ahead and had a little chit-chat with the team working on it

They are a team from Holland and are available on Twitter @kayooriginal and Facebook (LIKE)

They are a group called Planet Streetpainting, using big chalk art and creating a “WOW” experience worldwide… this time in Kuwait. They were brought to Kuwait by VIVA to design such art pieces! Initially the idea was for VIVA to have the pieces right away, but they decided to leave them in the Malls for a while for people to enjoy! How nice 😉



This time the art pieces shows the same famous land marks and buildings but in a 3D maze-like art piece

And a couple of shots from the other side

You can check out @kayooriginal and @leonkeer for more pictures, snapshots, updates, and more… all of their visit to Kuwait and process of the paintings and all 😉 It was really nice talking to them 😉 Very friendly and happy to answer questions.


You can also check the following links below:

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  2. Another picture in the making at Marina Mall
  3. Finished piece at Marina Mall



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