The Frisky Take on MARNI at H&M Collection

The Frisky -member of BUZZMEDIA- posted about 30 items they picked out from MARNI at H&M Collection (link). Explaining that they’re not a real “fashion” person + not a fan of MARNI but actually loving the collection MARNI has put together for H&M! Interesting post 😉 Here are few of their pictures put-together of different items from the collection. I included their prices as per H&M Kuwait Website (link)

1. Cardigan KD29.900   2. 3-Pack Necklace KD19.900   3. Bracelet KD11.900   3. Bracelet KD8.500   5. Sunglasses KD8.500   6. Cardigan KD29.900

1. Dress KD49.900   1. Sweater KD49.900   3. Blouse KD34.900   4. Sandals 24.900   5. Earrings KD8.500   6. Bag KD34.900

1. Dress KD39.900   2. Dress KD39.900   3. Collar KD8.500   4. Scarf KD8.500   5. Straw Hat KD3.900   6. Swimsuit KD16.900



More pictures can be found on their website here 😉

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