Sneak Peek: Baking Tray @The_Avenues

The very kind team @VictusFood gave me an exclusive sneak peek to their second branch of Baking Tray at The Avenues, which will be opening soon 😉 So let me take you on a virtual tour…


سيتم إفتتاح الفرع الثاني  الكافيه باكينج تراي في الأفنيوز عن قريب. تم تصميم الكافيه بشكل يتماشى مع التصميم للفرع الأول حتى تبقى الروح واحدة للمكان و لكن بطريقة مبتكرة حيث سيتم إضافة النباتات الخضراء وكتابة قائمة الطعام على اللوح – طريقة توزيع الطاولات متميزة و متنوعة – موقع المقهى في الطابق الأول من المرحلة الثانية من المجمع

The cafe will open in Phase II – First Floor – right next to snog, and not too far away from the Spas area (on top of Sheraton’s Tea Lounge)

What I liked about it is that they kept the same ambiance/atmosphere, but with a new spirit – fresh one too! Here is their famous chandelier – well another one of course for the new branch, the black board (which is super clean for now before they write the menu on it), and the baking trays on the ceiling… you see 😉 Its the same!

Let’s move on to the seating areas 😉 The chairs are different – with bird nest design… sort of

As you can see they have lots of common tables, the long ones to share, as well as smaller ones for smaller parties… there are the high chairs, the normal ones, and the booths

This is the outside seating area… HUGE 😉This isn’t the final look – as we will see a lot of greens – it will ad a fresh look to the place

All the different kinds of seating areas

And some of their over the counter products – arranged in similar way to their first branch to keep the same feel of the place 😉

This post is specially dedicated to Sarah 😉


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