#PaintToFreedom : We Love @shurooqamin

The Exhibition “It’s A Man’s World” by Kuwaiti artist Dr. Shurooq Amin was opened yesterday (March 5) at Al M Gallery (with absolute record of attendance)  and was shut down at 10pm – 3 hours after the Opening.  At the present moment exhibition is suspended (link)




 تم إغلاق معرض الفنانة شروق أمين أمس والمقام في دار المشرق في الصالحية بحجة أن اللوحات غير صالحة للنشر بعد ٣ ساعات من إفتتاح المعرض – للأسف شي محزن


I went there last night with my friend Farah! We loved it and perceived it as PURE ART and nothing more! Art should not be banned! Art should be expressed freely! This is so sad!


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