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نرحب بإنضمام مدونتين إلى عالم المدونين – المدونة الأولى من شابان كويتيان يحبان الحيوانات وخصصوا مدونتهم للكتابة عن عالم الحيوان. والمدونة الثانية من شابتان كويتيتان انضموا لعالم المدونين ليشاركا معنا تجاربهن في الأمومة

Two new blogs out there on the bloggersphere for you guys to check 😉 First one is all about pets!

You can tell Mo & Joe, two average Kuwaiti guys, love and adore pets! They’re crazy about’em! They created a blog called WeLovePetsQ8 to share their love for pets with us – they are pet owners too! Check the blog out, it contains stories, tips, videos, info, and cute animal pictures too! And you can also follow them on Twitter @Welovepetsq8 for more

Q8Mommas is another blog on the block… a blog that is great for all things related to moms, new moms, mommies to be, and kids! Created by two extremely busy full time (and working) mommas! It’s a great blog honestly with those wonderful mothers sharing their experiences and knowledge with their readers, discussing vast issues in related matter such as pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, postpartum depression, nanny issues, schools, and much more! They are also available on Facebook (LIKE) and Twitter @q8mommas

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