New at AlSeef Hospital

AlSeef Hospital created AlSeef Care-To Move International, a group of 13 Orthopedic surgeons who are highly qualified to diagnose, treat and operate any orthopedic pathologies.

يفخر مستشفى السيف بإنضمام فريق طبي بلجيكي إلى طاقمها الطبي بتقديم أفضل و أحدث التدخلات الجراحية البسيطة و المعقدة لجراحة العظام والعمود الفقري و جراحة عظام الأطفال و إصابات الملاعب والتأهيل تحت سقف واحد… مستشفى السيف

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They also have Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery and sports Surgery. AlSeef is the only hospital in the GCC region to have a complete International Orthopedic Surgeons covering all the aspects in the Orthopedics department. these Belgian doctors are available in the hospital all year round and are part of AlSeef Medical Team not a visiting doctors

For reservation and inquiries

للحجز والإستفسار

1881122 – +965 60010415

Also, AlSeef is happy to announce the visit of Dr. Noureddin Hilali (click on image below to enlarge)

For reservation and inquiries

للحجز والإستفسار

1881122 – +965 60014054

AlSeef Hospital is really striving to get the best medical services and teams in the country, making it possible for you to have the quality of experienced doctors and medical team within reach! I have been going to AlSeef Hospital for a while now, sometimes as a patient, and many time as a visitor… and I must say I am impressed with the quality of services and medical care they offer! From the minute you book an appointment, till you leave the hospital. The nurses are very caring and doctors are of a high standards… having the “Care-To Move International” and visiting doctors is an added plus/value to the already existing amazing hospital 🙂

Have you ever been to AlSeef? (Patient/Visitor)? What was your take and impression? Anything you want to share in the comments part will be delivered and taken care of (inshallah) by the staff 🙂

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