Are you guys ready? (press release in English + Arabic)

Do you have your list ready? Did you do your homework and searched online for the items you wanted? I know I did (link) 😉 I have my list ready in hand for me… and NOP! I’m not gonna share that one here 😉

I know I might have over showered you with MARNI at H&M posts the last 10 days that I got in the first couple top search results for google when you search “marni H&M kuwait” a couple of days back

Sorry guys.. I know some of you were not too happy about it and I got few comments on my blog and in person, but I was in for the campaign – and today is the last day for the that:) So I hope you all got familiar with the collection from my posts (check all posts here) + I got so excited about it too that I posted a whole album on my Facebook Page (link) called MARNI at H&M + Some pictures on Instagram! You can tell I was kinda enjoying it way too much LOL 😉

And this is just for fun 😛 Maybe you wanna go to the launch with a “statement” that screams you are a fan of the collection – if you want to know how it was done, check MissLadyFinger blog here 😉


The launch is in a couple of days – MARNI at H&M Collection in Kuwait March 8th – so be ready – ENJOY!








  • MARNI is an Italian fashion label founded in Milan by Ciwifurs scion Gianni Castiglioni and his wife Consuelo in 1994 – who named it MARNI after Gianni’s sister Marina
  • H&M stands for Hennes & Mauritz AB – a Swedish retail/clothing company.



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