MARNI at H&M Launch

I was invited to an hour early (7:00AM) sneak peek – prior to the official launch of MARNI at H&M (link to related posts). What’s a sneak peek without teasers! I was real time tweeting/instagraming to my followers so that they can get an idea of how the shop is arranged -somewhat- before coming in.

How did I get that privilege? I won their bloggers’ coverage competition – I was the first runner up, but they said my creativity in the posts and the content were really good and gained me access – You guys have no idea what that means since I really put my heart and mind to it.

I was not able to purchase anything at the time, I had to wait for the launch… I eyed the items I wanted and roamed through the store to make a clear strategy with Ms. Sara from AlShaya Group (she is a great help) and since I suck at such events, I have to be SUPER fast – the minute the door opens, I have to go get my items on the list!

The above Tee was one of the items I could not get due to the stampede! But I got everything else on my list – I think 😛

Summer is around the corner 😉

Loved the hangers, I made sure to get a couple of’em

Some items from the MEN collection

Moving on to the very enthusiastic staff! They were cheering and singing! They were in a good mood and ready for the shoppers outside waiting

Last minute speeches by the bosses

The minute the door was open, I quickly grabbed the items I wanted – I followed my strategy, yet the people (shoppers) went crazy! I do not get it when they come in and grab ALL boxes of same item… or grab three hangers of the same dress/top! Its insane its crazy! How come they do not just get what they want! I mean I got what I want, and missed out on some items because of the craze! I was gonna grab something (ONE item) when a lady behind me extended her arms and reached for the first three hangers (almost hitting my face) – right then and there I decided it was time for me to LEAVE and because I freeze and cannot handle the crowd, I thank Sarah AGAIN for taking me to the cashiers! She was a great help and she knew I couldnt handle the crowd! I heard some people slipped/fell because of how crazy it was!



The minute I placed my items on the cashier’s desk, they screamed! Apparently I was the first shopper – Customer #1 WOHOOO

It was one helluva crazy and fun mixed together day at H&M 😉

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