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One of the accounts I follow on Instagram is @hermes_paris 😉 They load a whole a lot of random pictures related to their brands! Very interesting pictures I must say… let’s start with the Arabian ones… The ladies in the following pictures are clearly GCC ladies, and are wearing Abaya 😉

Love how pictures are teasing viewers with anonymous  moderls… and in very artistic formOther picture of models are shot outdoors, and/or showing the different styles and designs of the brand when it comes to fashion in general

Men, Ladies, and children… all modeling for the brand

The bags – on many ladies’ wish lists


The work, the handmade work and efforts put into their pieces… the attention to details! Fabulous work

Dinnerware for fancy sets on your dining tables

“H” sugar…. how fancy!!!

Perfumes… in different sketches!!! Artistic

And sketches again with actual fashion pieces as part of the design! Love the creativity and various pictures they post on Instagram! Very creative

Quotes… from different sources!!! I love this one by Samantha Jones

Their love and giving back to the community

A boutique of theirs

Just various pictures and random picks from here and there…. gives you a feel of the place, the brand, the spirit!! How lovely

And here are quite a few pictures of their how-to-wear your Hermes scarves!!!!

I have captures about 12 styles… but they have much more of those posted on their Instagram!!! With some cute sketches of instructions on how to style it

Right now they have around 3390-something followers and its growing! They sure have a way of posting pictures and I’m enjoying it for sure 🙂 What do you guys think?

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