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While in Tunis, we stayed at Hotel Les Berges du Lac Concorde.  The hotel is located in Berges du Lac area which literally translate to the outskirts of the lake, an affluent area developed earlier during the 1980s. The area harbors prestigious companies, shops, embassies, and more.


أقمنا في فندق ضفاف البحيرة خلال رحلتنا إلى تونس. الفندق يقع على ضفاف البحيرة، منطقة جميلة و هادئة في تونس أنشئت في الثمانينات و فيها العديد من الشركة والمحال التجارية و بعض السفارات

The rooms we got overlooks the lake view, which was beautiful on both; daytime and night time

أخذنا غرف في الفندق من جهة البحيرة و كان المنظر جميل ليلا و نهارا

The hotel has many facilities, which we tried some of… the spa, swimming pool, fitness center, and business services. The outdoors of the hotel were beautiful, when weather permits, having a coffee outside would be such a treat

يوجد في الفندق سبا و مسبح و مركز رياضي و خادمات لرجال الأعمال

And here is a picture of the same area from our balcony during the day…

In between outings or after a long day of activity, we meet up at the lobby for a warm cup of tea with some sweets… sometimes coffee 😉

كثيرا ما جلسنا في اللوبي بعض يوم طويل من نشاطات مختلفة و ممتعة. نلتقي فيها بالنهاية في المقهى الموجود في اللوبي

The staff are always super friendly and very helpful! The lobby is usually full during the late afternoon. Having a warm cup of coffee, espresso, or traditional Tunisian tea will surely hit the spot into relaxation

الخدمة ممتازة والعاملين في الفندق دائما ما يرحبوا بنا بصدر رحب

Breakfast buffet is BIG! There are lots of options to choose from! The condiments area contains a large selection of honey, jams, cheeses, pickles, sauces, cereals, veggies, deli cuts, and more!

البوفيه للإفطار كبير جدا و فيه العديد من الأصناف والأطعمة ما بين التقليدية والغربية! أنواع من العسل والمربيات والمخللات والجبن بانواع مختلفة

@Um3azoz have told me earlier not to miss the pear jam! I didn’t miss it of course, its a bit different than what I am used to – texture wise, it’s more like apple sauce than jam!

حرصت على تذوق مربى الأجاص -العرموط

And Tunisian version of Tahini Sweets (Rahash)

و الرهش التونسي

Everyday I try something! One day its fried eggs, the next day its just crepe with sugar and butter, the day after I would devour on cheeses and deli cut meat….. then back to eggs of course 😉 The buffet contains hot and cold dishes, but you can always ask for eggs your way!

البوفيه فيه العديد من الأطباق الحارة والباردة بالإضافة إلى البيض الذي بالإمكان طلبه على طريقتك الخاصة

As for the rooms, they are spacious and clean! The room service team passes by the room at least twice daily. Complimentary water is left for the guests, a plate of fruit upon request, and the toiletry is refilled when needed! The room has the bed, TV, telephone, a table, desk, ironing station, big closet, nespresso machine (tea kettle in other rooms), and a fridge.

الغرف في الفندق مساحتها كبير نوعا ما و يتم تنظيفها مرتين يوميا.

One of the things I did not like is the presentation of the dishes when we ordered breakfast for room services! The plates came in wrapped in foil instead of covers, and the setting was overly minimal!

الشيء الذي لم يعجبني في الفندق هو خدمة الغرف للإفطار – لم يكن التقديم بشكل متميز

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