Hair Chalking by @kandeejohnson

I’ve seen the dipped hair color trend spreading like crazy! I tried the ombre one going from dark chocolate to caramel ends and loved it (done it @TONIGUYkuwait)… its all fun, but not everyone dare to do it… so here is a video I found by Kandee Johnson on steps to do hair chalking



More on Kandee – from her YouTube channel:

Hi guys! Here’s a fun tutorial on how temporary color your hair, ombre color the ends of your hair, add color streaks to your hair, using “hair chalking”.
Hair chalking is not new, but I thought it is so fun and it really works to color your hair.
It is a little messy- so just keep that in mind- may not be the best idea to do this when it’s raining outside! Ha Ha HA

All you need is”
A water bottle (optional)
Soft Pastels Chalk (like from the art store)
*DO NOT USE OIL PASTELS – it will stain the hair.
*A flat iron or curling iron to seal the color in
Protective Gloves

And then just have fun coloring your hair! This is a really fun way to try out a hair color before you commit to doing it more permanently. So have fun doing ombre color to your hair, adding color highlights or strips- just be careful it doesn’t get all over your pillow case!

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