I received a bag with two boxes of very chic and classy chocolates from DeLafée. At first I saw the box at Becarre Lifestyle, and decided I should give them a call to review the store, but they were kind enough to send me samples at home

The bag contained two individually boxed chocolate truffles, one with pure edible gold, and the other is with pure edible silver…

To me, the chocolate truffles themselves were pieces of art… luxurious yummy pieces of art! I prepared a cup of espresso to go along with it and it was the perfect fix

Such chocolates are for those special moment… it was, myself, and the truffle… plus the coffee! Totally divine!

They would make the perfect luxurious gift for the chocolate lovers! I checked their website and came across some other interesting items… such as flowering tea with edible gold flakes in it that I am planning to get and review soon 😉

For more you can check out other products here! To contact them, call +965 22571137



Special Thanks to Mr. Fahad for this generous gesture 😉

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