@ChocoandMacaron : Brunch at C&M Classic

A while back, Luluscious and I stopped at Chocolate & Macaroon in Arraya for brunch… I saw these pictures on my mobile and realized I haven’t posted them on my blog or Instagram 😉 I ordered Chai w Haleeb while Lulu ordered lemonade with mint. My drink, was spiced just right… and it was the perfect kick for my first meal that day. Lulu liked her lemonade and said it was refreshingly good

For my brunch main meal, I ordered Alabama Eggs (AKA Cowboy Eggs). They came in with hashbrown triangle and roasted tomato. Loved the combo, it was simply presented but I thought the bread were a bit buttery – tastewise, I LOVE butter hehehe but I am trying to watch my diet and food! Lulu ordered “Love Me”, a casserole filled with yummies, a bit on the heavy side but she kept asking me to try a bite of it saying it is not to be missed – Good for sharing since it’s RICH

Her dish came with a variety of bread

We were there at around 10:30 on a Saturday. The place was quiet, only three tables at the time… after around 30 minutes it started getting busier – specially the area outside


Our total came to around KD7 or 8 – cannot remember, but it was well enjoyable meal 😉

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