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While at Becarre’s Sneak Peek meet and greet with bloggers, we were served many yummies along with tea, coffee, and juices… but there was this specific slice (picture of the pie below) that killed me

It is made of God knows what ingredients – a simple soft texture filling that wraps your tongue before it melts slowly in your mouth.. with the crunchy pecans dancing on top! The crust is to die for, not to sweet which worked well with the filling! It was very much needed, as I was under stress.. @Um3azoz was like “GO HAVE CAKE” while at the event! I grabbed my slice, went back to chit chat with the ladies, when I was talking.. I took the first bite and stopped talking! It is REALLY good <3 <3 It is called Black Tulip – It is rare that I go Ga Ga over a chocolate dessert (since I am not much into chocolates), but this is an exceptional one and I LOVED it to bits and bits! Did not have that feeling after Lorenzo’s Chocolate Cheesecake! I really mean it


They have an account on Instagram @cakestory with mouthwatering pictures 😉


Highly Recommended and got Ansam518 seal of approval all over it.

Here is the BC I got about Cake Story:


“CAKE STORY presents its “Happily Ever After” baked assortment. Our stories of the month:

Queen Anne’s Lace (Pound Cake)

Camellia (Pumpkin Cake)

Lilac (Raspberry Trifle)

Black Tulip (Chocolate Pie)

Contact us at 99004349 to meet your CAKE and begin your STORY. Please order 24 hours in advance.”

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