Biwa Restaurant in Tunisia

Last week I was in Tunisia with my sisters… Our “big” sister Anwaar was there on business and we joined in for pleasure šŸ˜‰ We arrived Friday in the afternoon, we got settled in our hotel, Les Berges du Lac – Concord, Ā and left right away to have lunch… we were starving, and Anwaar was there one week ahead of us, so she kinda knew the area. Les Berges du Lac means “The Lake-shore” in which the hotel was situated in… very nice quiet area… while walking around we spotted a restaurant called Biwa

We got in and browsed through their menu… it all looked good, and the aroma of fresh pizzas out of the oven was a killer

We sat down in the terrace-like area by the window with some live music in one corner – the weather was cold and rainy, otherwise we would’ve sat outside – amazing view šŸ˜‰

The table was fully stationed with condiments and a vase with roses, which added a touch to the restaurant, one that reminded me of the restaurants in Athens for some reason with all the surroundings!

We kinda knew what we wanted!

Anwaar and I both wanted to have spaghetti alla vongole, Mimmi wanted the same with penne… Fulla ordered veggies withĀ fettuccineĀ in white creamy sauce… here are the pictures

Tunisian restaurants bring Harrisa, a hotĀ TunisianĀ chili sauce, with the bread basket… in all their restaurants, and you will see that from my posts about Tunisia!

The bread was super fresh and so good! We started eating it with the Harrisa dish, which came with carrot chutney (I think), and olives… all drizzled generously with olive oil! Very addictive I must warn you guys šŸ˜‰

We ordered pizza to share as an appetizer… yeah -ahem- that explains how hungry we were šŸ˜› The pizza came out thin and crispy, with fresh tasting tomato paste, melted stringy cheese, fresh mushrooms, and black olives! We polished it off so fast!

Fulla’s order above was made to order. Mixed veggies – all fresh and crispy as she described… Mimmi’s vongole came with penne – she loved it so much, but would have liked it better if the pasta was cooked softer

Anwaar and I orderedĀ spaghetti alla vongole… it was al danteĀ Ā – which is something I actually prefer šŸ˜‰

That was beyond amazing! I loved everything about it! They brought in extra vongole (clams) on the side with its juiced watery stew… perfect! Even for bread dipping – I am not kidding!

Now take a look at my dish! A beautiful medley of clams hugging pasta drizzled with olive oil, fresh parsley, cherry tomatoes softly cooked, and a vibrant orange chili teaser!

I cannot even explain how much I loved this dish… to bits and bits <3

The best Spaghetti alla Vongole I had outside of Italy – really

Our total came to TD55.500 (around KD10.250) – For five dishes and large bottle of water, the price is a steal! Easily earned 518 Seal of Approval

Biwa is located on Rue du Lac. The restaurant is spacious, staff members are friendly with tourists, the view is amazing (lake view), and their Tel # isĀ 0021623311237



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