I love Arizona Iced tea! I usually get it from Mandarin Mart in Shaab, Sultan Center, or with my meal when at Elevation Burger 😉

And guess what! I got this BIG box yesterday

The box was full of Arizona Iced Tea bottles – just for me <3

It is always better to have them chilled as they taste better when cold/iced 😉

The box contained all six flavors in the flyer below; green tea with ginseng and honey (my favorite), pomegranate green tea, peach tea, blueberry white tea, lemon tea, and raspberry tea

First thing you notice is the colorful branding! Its eye catching for sure. The taste is refreshing for all flavors, and when I got contacted to review the product, I told them that I am already a loving customer to this brand! They sent me a whole box either way – and of course I didn’t mind 😉

It is 100% natural and the bottles (and cans) are BIG enough to satisfy your thirst. Each flavor has its own special touch! I mean blueberry and white tea together are so good! Just like the green tea, honey, and ginseng mix! All flavors have this smooth taste, the ones with fruit really got a fruity kick in’em! Beware that they are a bit on the sweet edge 😉 I posted this picture below on Instagram and got instant LIKES and few inquiries… apparently there are a lot of fans in Kuwait <3

When I searched information online I came to realize that the chairman of the company -the guy who named it Arizona- is from Brooklyn New York, and had never been to Arizona! So Arizona it was with its hot weather and thirsty people for some refreshing iced tea 😉

Anyways, you can check their Kuwait website for more info (link), (LIKE) them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter @AriZonaDrinksKW

For delivery you can call 66027713/22624021



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