VOTE 2012 Photos

I asked you a couple of days ago to post/send me pictures of you supporting VOTES 2012 (link). So today I will be just posting about it… the random pictures that I got! And I will also be updating this post if I get more throughout the day 😉 Enjoy!

I previously posted these pictures


Wasmia… the inspiration (to start this initiative)

That’s truly yours.. me 😉

My dear friend Shushu

Another one from Wasmia

Mo S. who was the first to jump in with me and Wasmia

And the new batch I got from my lovely supporters below…. first one was from Danderma

Ke7el -M


My lil sis Amoona

Q8 Rain

Abdullah SH.

Dana – Purple Haze 😉

The TripleF

Abdullah “Mickey”

My friend Shamlan B. 😀

A couple of ones by Shesalfah (and a link to the post here)

And she was so sweet that she did one for me 😉

My childhood friend :* Duaa T.

A shot from Um3azoz

Annnnnd another from her own Azoz! LOVE it

A foodie picture from a foodie blogger; Basma 13 Cups 😉


JustNoon ‘s picture today

And Suad Alsheikh ran into Mama Anisa too who told her “أوصل سلامي لكم و أقول لكم الكويت تبي الأصلح”

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