The Many Colors of Missoni

Yesterday was a day of fun… a mix of @KlueKuwait@Gulf_Bank, and @HotelMissoniKuw with a dash of @pinkcoffee_ at Hotel Missoni in Kuwait

It was a day full of fun and colors! Yes… the colors of Missoni Hotel! The kind I would appreciate to look at once in a while for a change! I mean I am not that colorful, but its Missoni 😉 Cannot be any other way… so enjoy the many colors of Missoni below

Now lets talk food… shall we? Before the event… some of the team members and I (at Pink Coffee) decided to make a quick stop for a quick bite at Choco Cafe… here are some pictures

Hot Coco topped with marshmallow and whipped cream

My espresso <3

Missoni’s own chocolates

Poached eggs

Chocolate Nostaligia… a fountain with Milk Chocolate


Back to random colorful pictures at the Hotel

The decoration above… the candles and those things! WHY MISSONI!!! They are next to the reception area but I do not like’em at all… does not fit with the theme AT ALL!

Yummy desserts… or should I say YUMMY looking desserts #diet

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