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A couple of weeks back I dropped by GAP for some basics! I have been loyal to GAP for years! I do not shop there all the time, but when I drop by the store, I almost always leave with 10+ items! I love their basics SO MUCH – the quality of the material is so good 😉 So in this post I will be sharing a few of the items I got on my recent visit to the GAP

This tank top – I believe I got it in ALL colors available at GAP that day! I basically asked the sales person to get it for me in all colors (except for two lol). It is VERY useful and a must have item… Price tag? KD4

This is another item that I got in so many colors! Let me try to remember; beige, dusty rose, grey, and this denim like color above! I LOVE it… it can be dressed up or down depending on your mood! I have been wearing them with sweats, jeans, cropped pants, tutu skirts…. you name it 😉 Sometimes I even dress’em up with fur vests! I do not remember how much they were selling for (sorry) but maybe somewhere around KD10?? They are called Drawstring Dance T

Last item in this post is this comfy lounge pants

I’m a sucker for lounge-wear and I really believe they have so many looks depending on what you wear them with! You can wear it with a tank top (like the one above) – I like to wear two different colors tank tops on top of each other sometimes… I add a scarf, a denim jacket! You see… its just easy thinking and easy carefree looking! Love those effortless looks by the way… oh and the price tag for this item is KD13.750

I hope you liked my picks 😉 Hurry up – go get yours now before they run out!!

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