Recommended: The November Bakery Squillionaire

Ever since I took a bite of the Squillionaire at The November Bakery last September I got hooked!

I was in the area earlier yesterday and thought of passing by to get some for our gathering

Those tiny little devils are made of everything good and yummy mixed together…. topped with a round golden coin like – it is called squillionaire because of all the rich ingredients in it! The cup is crunchy with yummy chocolate and caramel inside! You cannot have one piece with out the temptation to get the second… and third! It was a BIG hit in our gathering last night! Even 2-year old Zayoona (my niece) fell in love with’em she got the last few pieces in the box for herself! Yes she actually took the box away from everyone!

They are priced at 350 fils each if I am not mistaken 😉


November is located in Al Tilal Complex (Tunnel Area) – opposite of Home Center.


You can know more about them from their website (link), blog (link), Facebook Page (LIKE), and Twitter @novembertweets – Tel: 2225 3445/6/9

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