Nails & Co:tan Celebrating Kuwait National & Liberation Days

I passed by @NailsandCoSpa earlier today to check out their preparations for celebrating Kuwait’s National & Liberation Days 😀 It was so nice

نيلز أند كو محتفلين بالأعياد الوطنية و مزاين السبا بألوان علم الكويت الحبيبة

حتى الكاب كيك كان على شكل و ألوان العالم من مادام سكري


The staff were all dressed up nicely with traditional thoob (ثوب) or T Shirts with lyrics and writings about Kuwait…. The famous stylish ladies at the entrance were celebrating as well 😉

Lets take a closer look at those fashionstas 😉

إحنا البنات بروحنا لا فرق الله شملنا

Reception area/station was fully equipped too with the colors of Kuwait’s flag

Yummy Kuwaiti colors of dragées (بيض الصعو)

A very nice young lady/customer allowed me to take a pictures of her just done nails… all done with Kuwait’s flag <3

The other side of the spa was decorated as well

Cupcakes were done nicely this time around – by Madame Sucre (@MadameSucree)

The lovely staff 😉 All nice and festive for the celebrations

I then had a quick and lovely chit-chat with Dr. Dalia, one of the owners over a cup of Nespresso and yummies

And each customer gets a magnetic pin on her way out – cute

Lovely touches… I love to see signs of festivities like that 😉

Nails & Co is located in the basement of AlNassar Tower in Kuwait City (right next to Sheraton Hotel) and their tel # 22258100/01 – you can also follow them on twitter/Instagram @NailsANDcoSpa for more info, pictures, and updates


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