Yesterday I posted a few pictures of celebrities wearing MARNI at H&M collection (link)… today I will try my best and help you with the items – in case you wanna shop for the exact look ๐Ÿ˜‰ Lets begin now… shall we?


Drew Barrymore

Top KD24.900 + Skirt KD24.900 + Necklace KD19.900 = KD69.700

All you have to do is add a clutch + stylish black blazer + knee high boots and you’ll get the look



Freida PintoDress KD34.900 + Belt KD3.900 + Sequins Collar KD8.500 = KD47.300

Freida is carrying an oversized clutch with it, knee high tights with black sandals
Jessica Chastain

Top KD19.900 + Skirt KD34.900 + Belt KD3.900 = KD58.700

Jessica wore her outfit with black sandals



Winona Ryder

Woven trousers KD34.900 + Short Coat KD49.900 = KD84.800

Winona completed the look with a black bag and black sandals



Sofia Coppola – middle –

Top KD34.900 + KD34.900 = KD69.800

She completed the look with black clutch and black open toe shoes



Lou Doillon

Shorts KD19.900 + Blouse KD39.900 + Belt KD3.900 + Accessories (mix ‘n match) KD23.800 = KD87.500

She mixed and matched two sets of bangles, and transformed the silk short and blouse into something dressy with the red belt! A red clutch and chocolate sandals to match the whole outfit!



Milla Jovovich

Dress KD39.900 + Belt KD3.900 + Chunky bracelets KD11.900 + Earrings KD8.500 = KD64.200

Added to the look? Silver pumps and black clutch with some brown details



Andrea Riseborough

Men Shirt KD19.900 + Sweater KD59.000 + Sandals KD39.900 + Cropped Pants KD34.900 + Earrings KD8.500 = KD202.100

Remember when I told you ladies to eye the men collection (link)? Might come in handy to add in with your wardrobe ๐Ÿ˜‰



Hanneli Mustaparta

Two sets of elastic bracelets -she used the white ones only – KD23.800 + Sequins collar KD8.500 + Top (no price) but I assume it will be around KD34.900 + Skirt 24.900 = KD92.100

She carried a tanned clutch + sandlas + stockings



Caroline De Maigret

I’m thinking she wore two (or maybe three) necklaces KD39.800 + Dress KD39.900 = KD79.700! She completed the look with sandals and black ‘n gold clutch!



The model… Imogen Poots

Two sets of elastic bracelets KD23.800 + Necklaces… I am not sure but I believe she mixed and matched the two above selling at KD16.900 + KD11.900 + Dress KD49.900 = KD102.500

She carried with it a green bag and wore sandals ๐Ÿ˜‰



Which look of the above is your favorite? Are you doing your homework???


Oh and did you notice how some of them wore MARNI with MARNI at H&M together! By the way… some guests showed up to the party wearing MARNI (not MARNI at H&M) ๐Ÿ˜‰


And here is a picture for my male readers ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย James Jagger in MARNI at H&M

He is wearing cotton hooded parka with drawstring and zip. Price tag? KD59

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