Farmers Market Breakfast at Baking Tray

My friend Dana tried the new Farmer’s Market Breakfast at Baking Tray yesterday which consists of eggs, foool (fava beans), cheeses, olives, olive oil, fresh veggies on the side, and Egyptian fresh bread.

The tray is good to share for two… the beans and bread are from Bess Fooul Bess Falafel, and let me tell you from a previous experience that the bread is REALLY good! The cheeses seemed to be from Yasmin Farms – and you know my opinion about’em – but I am not sure!


I will have to try this dish sometime soon and give a detailed review of it with more pictures 🙂


Very nice idea 😉 And the price for this dish is KD4


You can know more about Baking Tray by following their account on twitter and Instagram @VictusFood – lots of updates, mouthwatering pictures, and interactive team 🙂


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