@ChocolatenessKW February Package

يوم الجمعة الماضي طلبنا علبة شوكليتنيس مولتن كيك و كانت علبة التقديم جديدة و مزينة بمناسبة شهر فبراير و قطع الكيك مزينة بأعلام الكويت – كان الطعم وطني و ألذ بالتأكيد

للطلب  ٢٢٩٦٠٦٠٦

Last Friday my sister was craving Chocolateness Molten Cakes SO BAD. She ordered a box… which turned out to be newly designed for the month of February – which is the month of dear Kuwait!

The molten cakes were decorated with the old and new Kuwaiti flags… which kinda added a special flavor to the cakes… made it more delish 😉

I got one with the old flag of course 😉 LOVE this flag

For more, you can check Chocolateness website (link), LIKE them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter @ChocolatenessKW

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