Calm Nail Polish Colors

I’m more of calm, classical, and traditional when it comes to nail polish colors! I prefer French Mani/Pedi, Reds, Nudes, Naturals… mostly! So when I saw this ad in a magazine I was like I WANT THIS COLOR!!!!

I LOVE it! Any idea what the color in the ad is? Or if you know any similar color? I tried to look it up on essie collection and I cannot decide: “A Veil of Warm” – “Seductive Nude” ????

And since we are on the subject… I was at Nail It yesterday with my friend Shushu and one of the client had very nice nail polish on. So…. I got my courage and asked her what nail polish she was using and she told me she had “Real Simple” on first and topped it up with “Waltz” from essie!

I copied her and this is the result….

Mashallah it looked better on her, but I like mine too 😉 Just thought of sharing it with you guys 😀

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