Bassam Fattouh Lipsticks’ New Look

I passed by Debenham’s last weekend and checked out Bassam Fattouh‘s makeup – I liked it ever since I tried it a couple of years ago (link)

I initially wanted to get the Two Way Cake but they were out of it… instead, the very convincing sales lady got me into buying lipsticks! She said the packaging has changed and it includes a soft scent (which I kinda liked), and moisturizer on top in the lipstick cover. I also tried the lip gloss for the first time and liked it… I ended up buying two lipsticks (that I already tried and liked since the old packaging) and a lip gloss

Price tag?

Haifa’s Lips Lipstick: KD8.500

Haifa’s Lips Gloss: KD7,750

True Beige Lipstick: KD8.500


The lipstick prices increased KD0.500… the old look of the lipstick was nicer in my opinion but I like the new addition to it 😉


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