Yasmin Farms – Part I

I was invited by the very nice people in Yasmin Farms in Wafra (famours for @AlbanDairy) to spend a day in the farm since last December! I gladly accepted, but due to uncontrollable circumstances, I wasnt able to go until recently (last week) and I went with my friend Dana and our driver – knowing how much I love their products and how much Dana LOVES it too, we knew we were gonna have some much fun that day… so why not go see the faces and hands behind the amazing work 😉


تمت دعوتي لزيارة مزارع ياسمين بالوفرة منذ ديسمبر الماضي… ولكن لظروف خاصة لم أتمكن للذهاب الا الاسبوع الماضي… كانت رحلة شيقة وممتعة لأبعد الحدود

We arrived early in the morning and Mr. Bader AlAyoubi greeted us with a big smile! He made us feel just like home!


استقبلنا السيد بدر الأيوبي بسعة صدر ورحب بنا في المزرعة

We got settled in the office (which is btw VERY nice) to freshened up and headed to the fields


بعد ما تجهزنا للرحلة في ربوع مزارع ياسمين… ذهبنا لزيارة بعض الحيوانات… ما شاءالله المزرعة منظمة و منسقة بشكل ممتاز! الأبقار مقسمة ما بين اناث – ذكور – اطفال – و حوامل

The farm is very well organized and everything seems to be in its place… cows are divided into sections; the bulls, the female cows, the young cows (calfs), and pregnant cows

Feeding time

The little ones

A new born calf here with its mom!!!


هذي بقرة توها مولودة

The mother is so protective at this stage… no other cows are approaching her


الأم في هذه المرحلة مو مال أحد يقرب منها… شوفو شلون حمرت العين علي! غريزة الأمومة انها تحمي طفلها

Can you guess what this is? Its a cow back scratcher!!! Neat 😉


جهاز خاص لحك ظهر الأبقار… حسافة ما لحقت أصورهم! يشتغل تماتيك

Since we were early -kinda- I got the chance to milk a cow with the farmers


هذي أنا في محاولة لحلب البقرة مع المزارعين… بس على الطريقة الحديثة

Lets go see the horses now…..


لعبنا شوي مع الحصن

We saw three horses – all pretty and friendly, except for the little shy one

I tried feeding’em some carrots!

They call him chopsticks… look at those skinny legs! He’s camera shy 😉 Dont mind him

While out there we saw them working on some labs too – milking and cheese making! Look how they’re labeled by color on top of the buildings! Its a way of distinguishing the milk used in each 😉


المباني ملونة من فوق عندهم – وسيلة تستخدم لمعرفة نوع الحليب في هذه الختبرات سواء بقر أو ماعز أو غيره… بعضها لازال تحت الانشاء

Goats milking station

Swiss cheese <3 <3 <3 my heart skipped a beat!


الجبن السويسري حبيبي

Okay… let’s go see some more animals now 😉 Goats?


بعد ذلك توجهنا للماعز… كان في نوعين: الشامي و الفرنسي

The goats in the farm are brought from AlSham (Levant) and France

Not all animals are camera shy… some will pose for you 😛

We saw baby goats and they were the bravest! They would actually come to us… I guess they relate seeing people to farmers feeding them – cute

Now lets go back to the office

Change our gear to a waterproof one…. its cheese making time 😉


بعد قليل آخذكم لمصنع الجبن

To be continued….. 



Yasmin Farms (link) – Twitter @AlbanDairy



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