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It looks like The Avenues have a monthly magazine! I don’t know if its new, but I received a copy earlier today

Labeled with my name (although wished the label was sticked to the back cover) I sat outside in the terrace and flipped through it

Very simple with nice layout… the magazine contains many interesting things… from Editor’s Letter to quotes from bloggers (nice touch)

To many fields… its a large content! My sister Fulla and I were checking it together actually! We noticed how they tried their best to cover news related to the mall itself, the shops in the mall, fashion in general, social media, interviewing outlet owners, and a directory… both in Arabic and English

Suggestions? Would be interesting to have insider news from the mall and the outlets in the mall… each shop can give out their best sellers of the month, restaurants can talk about their dishes, maybe have a trivia question or so! Other than that it was overall nice! I liked it so much 😉


For more you can follow them on twitter @The_Avenues and LIKE them on Facebook

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