The Boudoir Nails, Hair, & Makeup!

I asked one of the owners of The Boudoir Salon to send me some pictures of nail art, hair, and makeup pictures after I saw some on Instagram! She was generous enough to send me quite a few pictures that I gathered into collages

Check out this fierce look of hair and makeup… not to mention the dress and accessories

There is more… check out this set below! Nuhad in action (she did my eye lashes earlier last year). What I am loving is how she can go from a day look to a dramatic heavier makeup look! She’s an artist! Oh and those funky hairstyle and colors! Something for everyone 😉

For more, you can check out their website (link), LIKE them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter @TheBoudoirSalon – Tel: 25335952/1 – Address: Surra, Block 5, Street 1, Basement 1

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