@SunnySideUpkw – Ladies Day Out

My two sisters; Fulla & Mimmi, Mom, and I were out and about when suddenly Mimmi craved crepes! We drove to AlSeef Strip – all restaurants were packed and parking lot was full! We decided to go to Sunny Side Up instead

Mom ordered veggie omelette… she LOVED it so much but she ate half of it – it is made of three eggs, mixed veggies and melted cheese on top! Its good to share kinda dish because of its generous portion

I ordered the club… I think its called Sunny Side Up Club Sandwich – just like my mom, I thought it was BIG! The toast was amazingly good though! I ate whole sandwich but barely touched my potatoes… heavy dish for those who dare only 😉 Meat (deli cuts), cheese, eggs, some veggies… all in one!

Both, Mimmi & Fulla ordered crepes with strawberries and bananas + chocolate

Both said that their crepes were good and satisfying – I didnt get a bite because I was getting fuller and fuller

We went there in a dead hour… so the place was kinda empty except for one table behind us, and two gents in the table next to us with paperwork…. we were enjoying our time and discussing the food out loud! We were talking about the generous portion, the American style kinda of food and presentation…. and suddenly this came out from nowhere to our table… complimentary of the owner – who was actually sitting in the table next to us LOL

A brioche… I think its called Elvis or something, from his own creation (cuz everything else on the menu is by Chef Adla AlSharhan)….

We asked to speak to him and he was so nice and friendly… he asked us about the food, and I told him it wasnt my first time there (check out my previous review here). He told us how he came up with the name! He said a while back, they used to go to London and stay in Grosvenor House for four years in a raw… every time he goes to the egg station in the breakfast buffet, he asks the chef for “Eye Egg” and he would go on explaining it.. it was later that he realizes that its called Sunny Side Up (By the way, it is called Eye Egg on Lorenzino Cafe *link*) – oh and one more insider info he gave me… they will be opening an expanded extension to the restaurant for private gatherings or meetings – it will be a reserved room for a large group – soon 😉


We enjoyed our time there, the food, and the nice chat we had with the owner 😉


Sunny Side Up is located in the ground Level of AlSagran Complex next to Gulf Bank Head Office in the city – you can check out their website for more info (link), LIKE their Facebook Page, and follow them on Twitter @SunnySideUpkw – Tel: 22463431

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