Sprout Organic and Natural – Hong Kong

One of the restaurants Mimmi and I tried while in Hong Kong was Sprout!

It is basically a small all natural and organic store next to the cafe/restaurant itself! The staff there were super super friendly! Our waitress, a pregnant lady, kept going from one table to another with smiles! She was super nice and friendly helping us out pick our dishes

She greeted us with two complimentary items; Lotus Soup (above) and Green Tea Jello (below) – both were amazing start! The soup itself was light and tasted… well healthy! Does that make sense?? It comes with mixed enoki mushrooms (the tiny ones). The broth is clear brown and the lotus root tasted really good, crunchy and light! We wanted to buy some lotus roots but sadly they were out of it 🙁

The green tea jello wasn’t bad and we got some for our family back home! The waitress told us that both dishes are both nutritious, has cooling effect, and light on the digestive system! Great way to start our meal… now what did we order? Here comes our main courses

Mimmi ordered clams cooked in white sauce with a side of baguette bread

I tried it and it was amazing! The sauces and spices used gave a stronger flavor for the clams, the baguette was a great addition since it tasted good with the white sauce and it already came in garlic flavored…

I even tried it with my order’s sauce… My order? Spicy tomato sauce linguine with clams! It was really good but too spicy for my taste… and even for Mimmi’s!

To cool it off… we ordered Pomegranate Juice! Its the only thing we didnt like! It tasted like packaged juice and it lacked real pomegranate flavor

All in all, it was a good experience! Both the grocery and cafe staff were helpful and sweet! Food was good 🙂 And our total came to HKD324 (around KD11.500)

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