Sneak Peek: Ansam @AlbanDairy

Last weekend I was invited to visit Yasmin Farms (famous for Alban Dairy) by Mr. Bader AlAyoubi! I have A LOT of pictures to share… and some interesting stories to tell about my trip, but I didnt have time to prepare the post… for now I will leave you with those three pictures – more to come soon 😉 Stay tuned

Trying to milk the cow – with help of course 😉

Cheese making

And Akawi Cheese preparation 😉 I was told I’m the Akawi Cheese Master 😉


Oh and if by any chance you happen to have Alban Dairy – Jan 20th 2012 products (cheese products) – there is a big chance that I may have helped in producing it 😉 It was fun and quite an honor to be able to experience all that


More to come soon!

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