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Nobu Hong Kong is located in InterContinental Hotel in Kowloon. Mimmi and I booked a table for dinner from our hotel, who suggested we try it out and enjoy the view! We both like Nobu and love sushi… so it is a great pick šŸ˜‰ Win-Win kinda situation

We got there a bit early, so the receptionist seated us in the lounge area right outside the restaurant

The view was really nice… on the harbor with big glass windows that allows you to watch the light showĀ from the inside

We were served some crackers with dipping sauces while waiting

The crackers were bland… the dipping sauces add some flavor to’em for sure, not that we minded to snack on before dinner

Shortly after, our table was ready for us!

I liked the interior of the place! Dimmed lights, booths, tables, private room, and a sushi bar

From what I read on their website, the restaurant was designed by Rockwell Group featuring stunning and intimate harbor view dining room. The design is inspired by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s innovative cooking and the imagery of Japanese country side. Key elements in the design included sea urchin ceiling and custom made bamboo terrazzo walls, cascade of black river stones at the bar… I really liked it

We both orderedĀ Ginger-ale (I actually had two)… complimented our dinner really well!

Ā  For appetizers we ordered edamame with sea salt… coarse sea salt, and the edamame beans were fresh and crisp! Cooked perfectly! It just hit the spot, a great hit start for dinner

Mushroom Salad… we both loved this dish, specially Mimmi! She made her own version of it a couple of times since we got back. Different kinds of mushroomed in a lemony butter sauce on top of lettuce.

Salmon New Style… A dish I always order at Nobu! Its thinly cut fresh salmon sashimi with semi hot oil poured on it and garnished with chives! Salmon was buttery in texture and soft! It has Ansam518 seal of approval all over it

We ordered two kinds of rolls; Salmon Avocado Maki which was ok, and I ate half of it šŸ˜› and Tempura Maki which wasn’t all that, Mimmi and I had only one piece each…

And now *drum rolls* the star of the night… A must have when at Nobu (and also Ansam518 approved)Ā the Black Cod Saikyo! Totally divine! The fish is SO DAMN GOOD! The fatty fish goes well with the sweet mizo glaze… I actually kept dipping it on the garnished glaze drops on the corners! It melts in your mouth

Amazing dinner, fabulous atmosphere, wonderful company (Mimmi :*), but the service was a bit on the slow side but the staff were nice!

Our total came to HKD1292.50 (around KWD46.500)

Nobu is located in InterContinental Hotel in Kowloon – Hong Kong – onĀ 18 Salisbury Road, and theirĀ tel is +852.2721.1211 (link)



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