Napket – AlBabtain Tower

Dana and I wanted to try the newly, but still soft opened, @NapketKW and @Froobie_ at AlBabtain Tower in Kuwait City

Its located on the ground floor of the tower. How to get there? Take Abdullah AlAhmed Street from Dasman Roundabout as if you are going to the Holiday Inn – Downtown. Keep going straight till you reach the second round about, and you will find it there 😉

When I got there I snapped this picture of Napket & Froobie together right away! I called it “When Napket met Froobie” 😛 Love it!

The interior and design of the place kept the whole Napket theme! The checkered floor, the wood, the chandelier, the display kinda! It was the same, only smaller in size! How neat is that? Seating area included tables/chairs and couches!

And its time to order some food! We were both starving and craving salads

I ordered “Femme Fatale” – beetroot salad with goat cheese (a salad I LOVE at Napket) – it contains  some leaves and pine nuts! Goat cheese and beetroot goes well together! Wonder if pumpkin was added to this salad, how would it taste! Hmmmm gorgeous salad. Dana ordered “Everything We Like” Salad! Its mixed leaves with sun dried tomatoes, and grilled chicken… I think! Its one of her favorite salads… maybe I should give it a try one day 😉

And I ordered pizza! I LOVE Napket Pizza… as a matter of fact I tried it once at a tasting session back in August 2010 and fell in love ever since (link)

I shared it with Dana… I think she only had a couple of slices LOL! The Avenues branch version comes in thinner and in a rectangular shape –check this pic. The waiter told me that they serve it round here, but let me tell you! It is still SO GOOD! If you love pizza give this one a try. Why do I like it? The pizza is super thinner, the tomato sauce used is light and fresh… doesnt taste paste-y, the amount of cheesse is good, but I want more mushrooms 😛

For drinks, Dana ordered jasmine tea.. I asked for watermelon juice with crushed iced -They have a mixed watermelon and strawberry juice called “LOVER” but I wanted watermelon by itself)

All in all, the experience was really nice! Its good to have another Napket (and Froobie) in the City! The location is convenient for me, and there is plenty of parking space out. The service was good, given it is still under “Soft Opening” 😉

Definitely going back there again and again and again

Before we left, we were given sample sizes of Original and Blueberry froyos – LOVE both flavors at Froobie <3

For more you can follow both accounts on twitter @napketkw and @froobie_

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