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 بوتيك فورجين كوكي يقع في أوليمبيا مول في السالمية و يعرض المحل العديد من البضائع من إكسسوارات و ملابس و كماليات أخرى متنوعة و كثيرة – استقبلتني صاحبة البوتيك السيدة أريج الخرافي بصدر رحب و قد استمتعت بوقتي في البوتيك كثيرا و أخذت العديد من الصور حتى تتمكنو من أخذ فكرة عن المحل و ما يحتويه من المعروضات المختلفةFortune Cookie is one of those funky stores with multibrands, a lifestyle concept with variety of items to shop for! I got the chance to tour in the store with the owner, Mrs. Areej AlKharafi hosting me there 🙂 She was such a sport! I visited her on Christmas day last year – it was so crowded and I was so late but she was still there waiting for me with the warmest smile and welcoming face *thanks dear*

The store is designed in a way to reflect the traditional Kuwaiti identity with a modern twist!

Let me take you in a virtual tour… inside the store, with their funky see-through-traditional-looking-but-modernized door

There are many things to see under one roof in this store! Vintage poster inspired items, with old Arabic movie stars in pop-arts-y style! Cushions, purses, posters, and more

Check those plates scattered on the wall

What do you think of those light and the way they are assembled? Funky!

Some gold bangles and cuffs in the furniture

The color coated traditional looking metal tea pot and cups set chandelier, with pearls and pink crystals… hanged by a golden chain! You see what I’m trying to explain when I say funky and twisted style

The items in store are arranged randomly… clothing, accessories, perfumes… inside wooden chests and glass displays! I even could not help but notice those multi-colored drawers – Areej told me that the designer randomly picked’em when she showed interest in having some for display! Very random idea… isn’t it?

The fitting room… the door of the fitting room is Hamsa Hand

The store is very inviting and very camera-friendly! We decided to take a break and have coffee to talk more about it.

The items in the store are either of brands Areej shop for herself from different designers, accessories from various people in and outside Kuwait… as well as designed pieces from some local designers in town, and from others in the region and beyond!

Loved how she have different kind of price tags… different illustrations and proverbs used for’em

Some of the local designers I spotted were Optimus Designs Furniture

Reham Baluchi

Addicted by Lady B

And much much more

Other fashion items (beside clothing) included footwear and handbags/clutches

The Mini Ogal *3gaal* (عقال) bracelets in different colors


More bracelets and jewelry

Badges and pins

Perfumes… One is called Papa Jaber (بابا جابر) and one will be released and named after Violet Dickson

Rose perfumes… I got myself some of those <3 AMAZING scent

Different kind of cushions and cushion covers… and some furniture pieces here and there

Many things to see and browse through… believe me its a wonderful place to shop at for yourself and for amazing finds and gifts too

Here are some bathroom floor mats and towels

Sleepwear too…

CD storage that looks like food containers (سفرطاس)

Wall stickers

Sticky notes

The famous “KEEP CALM” posters – framed 😉

Oh and check what I’ve found here… Ibra’s Skin Bracelets

fashion/clothing aid items…

LOVED it.. I mean I love the store even from before when it was available only online (pick  your tag), then when it moved to an actual physical store next to Amiri Hospital and now in Olympia Mall in Salmiya – 2nd floor (Tel: 94018600 – 22268612)

They really paid attention to details… even with their cashier area resembling a large old Kuwaiti chest (صندوق مبيت)

The multi colored shopping bags with different sizes, styles, and illustrations

The virtual tour is over, but you can still check out their website (link), LIKE them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter @FortuneCookieQ8 – Tel: +96594018600

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