fly ties

LOVING the @finefeatherhead fly ties hairbands I got from @EdenSalonSpaKw – they are simple yet very elegant light-as-feather elastic bands! So soft it wont get your hair all tangled up!

I know they are made mainly for featherheads – and I dont have any (the feathers in hair) but I like them anyways for everyday use… they are soft – I’m hooked! Oh and you can wear’em as wrist bands too!

Price tag? KD2.500 which is just a couple of 100 fils more than the price on the website! Eden! Please get’em in more colors 😉

Oh and by the way, they are giving out free Orly nail polish for everyone who spends more than KD10 per visit 😉 Get yours while supplies last… and a stamp with every KD10 spend there on their loyalty card 😉



Eden Salon & Spa (link) – Facebook (LIKE) – Twitter @EdenSalonSpaKW – Tel: 2241-9556/7

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