DUKKAN Mini Mart

I pass by this mini mart called DUKKAN on Al Shuhada Street a lot, but not until today I decided to stop and go check it out…

I was greeted by two friendly staff members, a male and a female! I asked them if I can take pictures and they didn’t mind at all

Many of the products they have in the shop are KDD… turned out this mini mart is part of the KDD group, or that is what I understood from them

This mini mart is somewhat similar to coop branches we have in residential areas, only it is a bit fancier

Looking at those pictures you can tell they have wide range of products… many chocolates, many shampoo brands, lots of juices to pick from -specially KDD ones-

Ohhh KDD Ice Cream <3 <3

Not only that, but they have the KDD soft ice cream machine that I love SO MUCH 😀 😀

I got me a few things -many of which I dont really need, but was enjoying the mini mart experience- and left

Like this KDD Laban (yogurt drink) that I love so much

DUKKAN Mini Mart is located on Al Shuhadaa Street – Opposite Arraya Center and the Fire Station.. further down the road in Kuwait City. They are open from 7:00AM to 10:00PM and they offer home delivery service – Tel: 1888200



Now after my Mandarin and DUKKAN mini marts visits I can easily tell you that fancy baqqala (mini mart) will be a new trend (Mandarin was more of a convenient store similars to the ones in the States whereas DUKKAN is more like a fancier Coop branch) – This is a trend that I love actually and dont mind at all! I wanna see more of those 😉 Bring’em on!

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