Castanea – Dubai

Every time I’m in Dubai, I try my best to stop by Mercato to get some fresh roasted chestnuts from Castanea – World of Chestnuts booth in the mall. They have all kinds of chestnut products like marrons glacés, spreads, fresh roasted chestnuts, nuts, and much more! Plus the sales ladies are always nice and friendly

This time I spotted ready to eat peeled roasted chestnut bags! And since I was looking for’em in a previous post (link) I got myself a few bags

They’re of the same quality as the ones I got from Hong Kong! They can be heated using microwave or regular oven. Fleshy and fresh… totally hit the spot!

They’re amazing! I loved it! Totally Ansam518 Approved 😀 😀

So good that I contacted them by email to inquire how can I order some to be shipped to Kuwait and guess what? We have a supplier…. I ordered some from them and will post about it soon 😉 So stay tuned 😀


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