Breakfast at McDonald’s with @Um3azoz

I have a confession to make! I love LOVE McDonald’s breakfast!! *Guilty* And it seems like Um3azoz share the same passion! I randomly go for breakfast there with friends who share this passion (like Shushu)

Anyways… Um3azoz, Ahmedani, and I decided to go one day (December 1st) but never got the chance to post about it till today 😉 I had the Sausage McMuffin with Egg and Cheese while Dalal had the Suasage McMuffin Meal… both come with hash-brown potatoes and a drink… we both opted for their oh-so-good brewed black coffee (another confession: I love their black coffee)

Their golden hash browns are all crispy on the outside and fleshy inside… very yummy

It really is a tasty wakeup call (صباح الخير يا طيب)

My kinda meal… total satisfaction – all for KD2.100 Um3azoz treat (يسلمو)

Ahmedani had a separate bill (عشتو) He wanted Pancakes and wanted to order it alone! He was also showing off his new iPod to me and telling me about all the games and apps he likes! CUTE

Oh and I spotted Iced Lattes flyer at McDonald’s! It looks like they are selling flavored Iced Lattes (Caramel, Hazelnut, and Espresso) for 750 fils! Anyone tried’em?

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